Where we work

Adoration Christian Centre hopes to bring God’s message of hope and healing to the desperate situation of many children in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Specifically, we are located in the community of Delmas within Port-au-Prince.

The Haitian government has for many years been negligent in providing for the educational and medical needs of its poor. Most schools in Haiti are run as for-profit enterprises, and lack quality teachers and resources. Additionally, families cannot afford to pay for tuition, uniforms, and other school supplies.

1Poverty severely restricts access to proper healthcare, with the result that many Haitians and their children do not receive treatment for even the most common ailments, injuries, or malnutrition. In particular, people with disabilities face discrimination and increased challenges in finding medical care and educational opportunities.

Though most Haitians claim they are Christians, voodoo religion and superstitions have a damaging effect on the spiritual life of the people.

Director Randy Lodder states:

“There remains here a dichotomy between believing in Christ and living fully for Him, being led by the Spirit in areas such as: honest business practices, refraining from stealing, purity, rioting, lying. Discipleship means time, education, energy, love, and lots of prayer. The LORD has given us a beautiful outlet for mentorship and training in regards to Adoration Christian Centre and the sponsorship program. May He use this for His glory, and continue to guide us in all wisdom, passion and love, as we move forward step by step.”

The Adoration Christian Centre is literally an island of hope in the community of Delmas, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.