Professional Students

Once students have finished Grade 12 or 13 Adoration continues their support until they have learned a trade or acquired professional training that will allow them to enter the workforce. Currently we have 13 students in this program. We have students learning mechanics, economics, computer technology as well as some individuals in teacher’s college. Because every student is unique this program is flexible in assisting them to make choices for their individual education goals, while providing group training that is applicable to all of them. Again, the goal is independence and ability to support their families, as well as serve as leaders in their community. These students also belong to the Impact Program.

1Yder is in the professional program at Adoration Christian Centre. He received his high school diploma in 2013 and is now pursuing his post-secondary education. Yder attends the University of Notre Dame in Port-au-Prince and is going into his second year of studying Economics. He chose Economics because he feels that it is where his talents and gifts are. He has people in his life who can encourage him and help him with the program. He knows that when he is finished school he will be able to help his community. His long term goal is to find a scholarship and continue on into the Master’s Program for Economics. Yder lives and works at Adoration Christian Centre. For the past 4 years he has held the position of night security and property supervisor. He enjoys this work and does it well. Prior to living at Adoration, Yder was living with his mother, his older sister, his nephew, and his younger brother. Yder still tries to visit his family weekly, but between work and school it is sometimes hard to find the time. Yder is thankful for the Professional Program at Adoration and would love to see the program continue to expand and grow to allow higher education to more youth and young adults. He believes it is important for the students in the program to be able to dream and for them to realize their educational dreams through the professional program.