In response to the devastating earthquake of January 2010, Adoration was able to complete 2 housing projects with funding from Word and Deed (wordanddeed.org).
i. On the first project we partnered with Miyamoto International (miyamotointernational.com) to fix 250 damaged houses in the Delmas community in Port-au-Prince (Cite-AUX-Cayes, Cite-Jeremie). These homes were tagged “yellow,” meaning they had sustained structural damage but could be repaired, allowing families to move back. Part of this project was training local masons, engineers and builders how to properly rebuild following seismic standards. Those who successfully completed the course were hired to do the work. This allowed for local tradespeople to be employed and equipped them to do the job well. Miyamoto engineers supervised the construction and many families were able to move back into their homes as a result of this project. We really appreciated the partnership with Miyamoto.
1ii. After this project was complete we tackled our second housing project: rebuilding houses that had completely collapsed. Because of the experience with the first project, and because there were a few engineers on staff at Adoration, we decided to undertake this project by ourselves. This would allow the local community to run the project. They decided who should receive they new home, the design, supervised the construction. Each new home cost about $7000. The house had 3 rooms and a porch. We were able to complete 52 new homes.
iii. Any recipient of a new home agrees to repay a small percentage of the cost to Adoration every year for 5 years. With this money we are able to help someone else who is in need, rebuilding their home.