Adult Literacy

The majority of our students’ parents cannot read or write. Many adults in our community never had the opportunity to go to school. This is a great burden for them for many reasons. They cannot help their children with their homework. The cannot fill out forms and applications and are cut off from participating in many local and civic activities. They cannot read announcements about public health or how to protect their children from cholera. The can’t study to become effective employees in a workplace.
The program we are using at Adoration has been developed by Literacy and Evangelism International (LEI). This organization has provided training and certification for our teachers and also work with the Bible League ( They have provided the resources for teaching the classes and for the participants. Here is an excerpt from their website,,
1Adoration currently runs 4 classes of adults with 12-15 students per class. The teachers are volunteers from the church, Adoration staff members, or Adoration Impact students. In each class adult students have the opportunity to learn reading and writing as well as math. We hope to introduce other skills and training as their capacity grows. This is such a beautiful opportunity to break the bonds of poverty as the community becomes more competent to build strong households.