Impact Program

Impact Program:
All students from Grade 7 and up are included in the Impact Program. What is the Impact program? In carrying out the vision of Adoration, preparing and equipping students to have an impact on their community, we are hope to foster a servant attitude by providing opportunities for service. The program works in the following ways:

1. It encourages the students to have a servant’s heart for their homes and communities. This is accomplished through Biblical training, and creating an awareness of needs.

2. The students are required to give back to the Adoration community. This helps to strengthen the idea that their education is costly and they can contribute towards the maintenance of the school. We have developed the following service opportunities:

Tutoring: Some students are chosen to tutor struggling students in all different classes.

1Teaching Adult Literacy: Some students are chosen to teach the Adult Literacy and Evangelism course.

Lead a “Klub”: We are currently developing more “Klubz” which are school and community activities for children and youth. As of now a soccer club has be organized for the community, led by one of our high school students. More “klubz” will be forthcoming.

Help in the school and the centre. Some of the post-secondary students help supervise the high school activities, including recreation, help with exams or exam supervision.

1Janitorial duties: Students do all the janitorial work at the school. Each day a different group of students is required to clean the school. This teaches them how to care and respect the property, gives them a sense of responsibility, and teaches the importance of every job.

3. We encourage the students to become active citizens. We seek to do this by providing extra seminars on health, community development, skill development. This demonstrates to them that they are an integral part of their communities and carry a responsibility towards their fellow Haitians.

4. The program works towards molding the students into our “portrait of a graduate.” This envelopes all the qualities we would like to develop in our students in regards to character, values, worldview, individual and social awareness, and academic level.

5. In helping the student to prepare for employment or business, we develop an individual education plan, teach them to prepare a resume, and the basics of how to be employable.

6. Lastly the Impact program hopes to develop leadership qualities . Through the service opportunities, work of the school and church, and intentional leadership development seminars, it is our desire that the students will become servant leaders.