Special Needs Students

Caring for special needs children is a very challenging task for many families as they often lack the resources to do this. It is common for children who are mentally and physically challenged to be ostracized by the community. These children do not usually have the opportunity to go to school and receive the care they so desperately need.

Adoration Christian School has a special needs program that desires to include, educate and care for these children. We have 30 children in this program who experience some type of physical or mental disability. Each student receives a uniform, books, and a meal each day. Adoration focuses on the holistic development of these students so that they will have the tools they need to function in society and so that they will know that they are loved and valued. Our staff works on development of their motor skills, cognitive skills, practical living skills. Each student is helped to achieve the highest level of academic achievement that is possible for them. Currently there are 4 different special needs classes.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the special needs program is the inclusion of these children in the life of the school. The students participate in school-wide activities such as the Christmas program or the Flag Day parade, contests and challenges such as the art contest, chapel, recreation and so much more.

Although this program is more costly than regular classes it is a priority for Adoration. One of the large expenses is transportation. It is a lot more challenging for disabled students to get to and from school, placing a costly burden on their families. Adoration helps out with transportation as much as possible to ensure the students are able to attend school. We would like to thank child sponsors for their continuing support to make this program a reality. It is an incredible way to reach out in love, caring for each special child.