June 13th, 2013

We ask you to take the time to PRAY for the Adoration Christian Centre.  We have some specific requests for you to PRAY for:

1.  Please PRAY for all the students from Kindergarten until Philo (Grade 13) who are writing exams.  We have over 300 students in our programs that will write the year-end exams.  Their final marks are based on these exams.  Please PRAY for the students to study hard, to be focused and to try their best.

2.  Please PRAY for the Grade 6s, Grade 9s, those in Rheto (Grade 12) and those in Philo (Grade 13) who are writing their government exams.  On top of the exams they are writing for their schools they have to write government exams that determine if they are allowed to go to the next level.  Once again please PRAY  for the students to study hard, to be focused and to try their best.

3.  Please PRAY for the school registration and NGO status.  Please PRAY that it might go smoothly and without roadblocks and speed bumps.

4.  Please PRAY for land purchase and a rental agreement next year.

5.  Please PRAY for the upcoming teacher training team and work team in August.  Please PRAY that they prepare well for the trip here and are a great impact on the community.

6.  Please PRAY for Cornelius, Mindy, Chloe and Joel Broersma as they leave Haiti and transition back to life in Canada.

7.  Please PRAY for Randy and Karen Lodder in the upcoming months as they continue working with staff and students at Adoration, and for their children, Maia, Levi and Judah.