Newsletter from Haiti

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Christmas Program

December 22nd, 2011

On December 22 Adoration Christian School had a Christmas program.  All of the staff and the children were involved in one way or another.  Each class preformed a song about the birth of our LORD and Saviour and why He came to die on the cross.  The MCs for the for the program did a great job of keeping the audience entertained and introducing the next grade that came up to sing their song.  Many parents attended the program and were greatly impressed.

The Staff Christmas Party!

December 18th, 2011

Playing bocce ball before lunch began.

The children playing with the tricycle and the croquet set.

Mindy holding Asselhomme's baby.

The ladies waiting for lunch.

Evenz had a smile on his face all afternoon!

Roland, his wife and their friend making lunch.

Lunch time!

Manje anpil.

The ladies table.

This day turned out to be a huge success.  We enjoyed each others company with lots of talking, playing and laughing.  We are thankful for the wonderful staff the LORD has given us.  All praise and thanks to him alone.


December 13th, 2011

You can tell we have come to the end of the semester or what they call control here.  The word ‘exam’ has been on the tongues of the students and the teachers.  For the past week Alix the principal has been warning the students about the ‘exams’ that are coming up. 


This is the week exams have started.  Yesterday was the first day.  The students are  busy writing exams for every subject that they are taking.  This involves all classes from Kindergarten I through Grade 6.  The teachers have spent last week preparing them and have couple of days for marking them next week.

We encourage you to pray for the students as they prepare for each exam and then write them.  We encourage you to pray for the teachers as they supervise and then mark each exam.








Women’s Bible Study

December 13th, 2011

Every Tuesday, about 10 women from the church meet at 3:00 for a Bible study.  There are many similarities, and yet many differences, from a typical women’s society meeting at my previous home church in Hamilton.  We either meet in a classroom at Adoration, or we do an “action”, going to a member’s house for the afternoon.  The meeting begins with singing and prayer, Bible reading, and there is a lady who does a little essay/message halfway through the meeting.  The singing is loud and repetitious, and most of the ladies do not have song books, but know the songs by heart.  It is very encouraging.  Also, there are many separate times of prayer in between songs for different people, places, situations, rather than one prayer for all of them together.  For example, the opening prayer is often for God to bless our meeting, then we will sing, then a prayer for confession, then sing, then a prayer for the family who’s house we are visiting, message, prayer for the ladies present, sing, then a prayer for Adoration church, school and staff and supporters in Canada, then more singing, and a closing prayer to end the meeting.  The ladies really enjoy these meetings, and hospitality is very important in having others over to your house. 

Wanted: Willing Workers for February Work Team!

December 7th, 2011

Are you creative with a crowbar and willing to wield a welder? If you have been gifted with construction skills and a heart for serving the Lord and others, how about joining a work team heading to Haiti this coming February 14-23, 2012. The team will be working with the staff and students at Adoration Christian Centre and will be assisting with many jobs around the school. Interested individuals are invited to request an application at or call Danielle at 289-426-1048. Applications are due December 31, 2011.

Medical Team November 2011

December 1st, 2011

On November 16th we had a team of eight medical personnel come to Adoration Christian Centre.  Sitting downstairs in the make shift medical centre were about 150 people eagerly awaiting this team of four doctors and their staff.  There are medical doctors and hospitals in the area, but you must pay to visit them and for many in this community, this is just not an option.  Through out the course of just under five hours this team from New Hampshire saw just over 200 patients. 
The day was started with worship to the Great Physician.  We sang, prayed and meditated on Matthew 8: 14 – 17.  After that the clinic was in full swing.  The team only stopped once, to take a short break to eat their lunch of rice and beans, and then continued with the patients that ranged in age from 6 months to 78 years.  While the most of the team was working downstairs under the tent, part of the team was upstairs in Ed’s clinic, working on either minor surgeries or dental procedures.  Almost all of the patients could be treated in some way or another.  Some of the patients were asked to go to a hospital to receive more tests and then come back and see Dr. Ed. the following week. 
We can praise God for a lot accomplished in such a short period of time.  The turnout from the community demonstrates the need for medical care in the community.  A big thank you goes out to the team from New Hampshire, to the translators and to all those that helped set up the day and make it well worthwhile.  And to God, who is our only hope and the Great Physician.