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Introducing the Grade 4 teacher!

February 28th, 2013

Giraud France, Carline  4eme AF

Ria France Carline Giraud came to Adoration Christian Centre last year to take up a teaching position in Grade 2.  This past year she has moved up two grades and is now teaching in Grade 4.  Carline was born in Port au Prince sometime ago and is happily married.  She has been teaching since 1996.  She loves working with children because she enjoys sharing the love God gave her.  We are to love one another and she can do this through her teaching.

When Carline has some spare time she loves listening to Gospel Music.  If she had the chance she would love to visit the United States and Canada.  She would love to travel around and see more of the world.


Psychology Seminar

February 14th, 2013

Throughout the seminar he talked about:

  • the willingness and the motivation of the learner.
  • the importance of psychology in the teaching-learning.
  • problems of the child and how a teacher should respond.
  • physical and mental capacity of the learner.

The best ways to motivate learning is to look at the child, listen to the child and talk to the child. Acknowledge that the child is a person. Involve them in the learning that is going on in the classroom. This involves using all their senses.  Not all children learn the same way so the teacher needs to distinguish how the child learns and apply it to the child.  It is not easy to do that but something that needs to be done in order to reach each child.

Inspector Asselhomme was very interactive with the teachers. A lot of ideas were shared, a lot of questions were asked.

Here are some of the thoughts of what the teachers thought:

  • The seminar had a good Christian perspective; it was very helpful for the school and for teaching. Evenz, Grade 6 teacher.
  • The seminar was really good; we should have done this a long time ago.  Director Erneste
  • It is very important to have.  It was very good to have. Rachelle, Kindergarten teacher