Newsletter from Haiti

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August 29th, 2012

There have been a number of students that have written the government exams this year for our students.  They have worked hard throughout the year, they studied hard for their exams.  The results for the exams are in and we are pleased to announce that almost all of our students passed this year.  Some of the students received some very high marks.  We had a student in Grade 6 score 296 out of 300 on Math, another student score 286 out of 300 in French.  We are very proud of our students and thankful that they have passed and are moving onto the next Grades.  Thank you for your prayers for these students.

Currently we are still waiting for the results for Rheto, (Grade 12), and Philo, (Grade 13) to come in.  We ask that you pray for the results that are still coming in.  We have heard that there are problems with the marking and with the government officials.  Pray that the results may come in  quickly and that things can get straightened out within the education system.

A picture blog of the last couple of days…

August 16th, 2012

Haiti has beautiful flowers all over the place.


Alix and Ketia working in groups, discussing a topic during the Bible seminar.


Evenz and Roodveens working on a Math problem.


Working on Math problems.


Barb’s notes and the ‘prizes’


Building the tallest structure.


The winning group, the tallest structure.


Rebekah and Barb


Looking over Port au Prince


A view of the Siloh, a zone in Port au Prince


Barb standing infront of one of the homes that was just built.


Celebrating Pastor Octavius and his wife’s anniversary.


The girls!

Planning next week…

August 10th, 2012

We sat down as teachers and administrators and started planning the weeks activities for next week.  We went over some the topics that they are planning on teaching, set up the schedule when the teachers will present, and went over some cultural things that were happening.

Our meeting around the conference table this morning, Keith has not changed since I last saw him, he still loves to talk.


Preparing our schedule for the upcoming week.



 We taught the teachers how to use the washrooms.  We do not have toilets that flush so what have to flush the toilets with a bucket of water.  Rebekah was the first to try this out.

 We went shopping for school supplies at Megamart.  The teachers looked at prices of different kinds of food and were a bit shocked at some of the prices we pay for foods.

 We then went for a walk to some of students houses.  Franklin showed us around and was a great tour guide.

The teachers are here! Yeah!

August 10th, 2012

The teachers’ team arrive yesterday afternoon.  We welcome Rebekah Fluit, Barb Bultena and Keith Sikkema to Haiti.  We are excited for them to be here in Haiti and work with the teachers at Adoration.  We hope that you learn a lot and you enjoy your stay. 

Coming down the long tunnel with their baggage.


Loading the truck.


Rebekah, Keith and Barb.


In God’s time not ours…

August 3rd, 2012

A lesson learned by the building committee this week.  On Monday we had our weekly meeting concerning the different houses that are being built in Phase 4.  We have had our share of problems already with this phase but on Monday it was kinda like the straw that broke the camel’s back.  One of the houses was not being built due to a miscommunication with the family who was selling land in a certain area.  One of the brothers went ahead and sold more property then he should of, not getting consent from the rest of the family.  The foreman had started digging the foundations of the house and was told to stop.  We had a meeting with the home owner that afternoon and it seemed like it would take weeks to solve this situation.  At that same meeting we found out that bags of cement had gone missing in an enclosed yard of another home thus not allowing the building crew to continue working.  The home owners had no idea how it had gone missing and were not claiming responsibility for the missing material.  This was the end of a longer list of problems that had happened with this phase so far.  Like at most meetings we lifted our concerns up to the LORD wanting answers right away so we could continue with the work that was given to us.

But this did not happen, once again it was a lesson to be learned by all of us…in MY time, not your time!! On Wednesday we had another meeting, this time the home owners of the missing cement also came.  It was during this time that the LORD answered our prayers.  We came to a compromise with the home owners.  We also heard from the home owners with the land dispute issues that the family selling the land gave them a different piece of property.  This also was an answer to pray.  We wanted things done when we wanted them done.  But God’s will is the way we need to live our lives and once again each one of the building committee realized that God is in control, this is His project and we are working for Him, (Psalm 127:1).