End of the control

March 25th, 2013

It is the end of another control here at Adoration and last week Thursday we had a program to hand out the report cards.  Along with this program we also had a mini Easter Concert.  Most of the classes sang songs for the parents that were in attendance.  This year in order to fit everyone in attendance we had to rent a church building down the road.  It was easily enough room for us to all fit in.


Ilda was our MC. As you can see there was lots of room for everyone.


Alix addressing the parents and the students.


Part of the Grade 1 class sharing a song.


The Special Ed. class wowing the audience with a song they learned.


The Grade 8 class won the History/Geography challenge and thanks to a donation we were able to purchase a nice atlas for them.

Picture blog

March 18th, 2013

This past week we could watch the children write their exams.  We watched the children play and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Another control is done and the students are eagerly awaiting the results that will be given to them this week Thursday.  Photos were taken by Melanie De Jonge.

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